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1827 / 2007 Paint Stripper


Our 1827 Paint Stripper is designed to remove even the toughest catalyzed and conversion coatings available.  With the addition of an Acid activator the stripper can penetrate and strip the coating much faster than with a traditional alkaline stripper.

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30 Gallon Drum $314.00 ea.
55 Gallon Drum $511.00 ea.

Product Description

Industrial Strength Stripper for Removal of Catalyzed and Conversion finishes

Our 1827 Paint Stripper is designed with an acid activator to help remove Catalyzed and Conversion finishes from wood and metal surfaces.  Conversion and Catalyzed finishes adhere to surfaces in a different way than older coatings.  The Acid allows the stripper to break this bond in a way alkaline based strippers can not.  1827 will also remove lacquers, polyurethanes, varnishes, shellac and enamels.  Strips extremely fast compared to other removers of this type.  1827 stays wet twice as long for reduced chemical consumption.  Due to the caustic nature of this product it is only recommended for professional or industrial use.

This product is comparable to the old Kwick Kleen #2007 and #215 Bright Strip.

Type: Liquid Water Wash, Contains Methylene Chloride
PH: Acidic
Flammability: Non-Flammable
Use: Wood & Metal Furniture
Methods of Use: Flo-Over, Dip, & Hand Stripping


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1827 Paint Remover (Minuteman Equivalent)
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5 Gallon Pail $62.00 ea., 30 Gallon Drum $314.00 ea., 55 Gallon Drum $511.00 ea.