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Lacquer Thinner #2 – Slow Dry Lacquer Thinner

This slow dry lacquer thinner is a superior thinner when spraying conditions are hot and humid.  Lacquer thinner #2 is also a superb all around thinner if you are using an HVLP system that heats your air supply.

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Lacquer Thinner #1 – Fast Dry Lacquer Thinner

This finish grade thinner is excellent for reducing finishes when the temperature is cool and dry.  It can also be used for clean up and gun cleaning.

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CNT-88 Lacquer Thinner – Professional Grade Lacquer Thinner

A double duty lacquer and acrylic thinner. Excellent for color blending and leafing of metallics.

This finish grade thinner performs in all weather conditions and is balanced for excellent flow and maximum gloss. Medium drying rate with some blush resistance. Equal in performance to the high priced straight acrylic thinners.

Quick Facts:

Flammability: Flammable


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